The Inspiration

Some of us were born water people. As a surfer, kiteboarder, cliff jumper, river floater, swimming hole searcher, and lover of all things water, I've spent too much time searching for a suit that feels and looks good and also stays put in the water. I like simple, flattering cuts that work and I'm always surprised by how difficult that is to find without the bling. I started producing Tula Bikinis in 2012 working with local surfers and kiters perfecting the design of each piece—testing, retesting, modifying  (and sometimes discarding), to certify confidence on the water.

My dedication to quality includes the highest of eco-friendly practices. Each piece is made using recycled materials and local manufacturing. I only want to produce quality suits meant to last many seasons using recycled materials all the way down to the hang tags. 

A Tula bikini is made with the ultimate water woman in mind - they're designed for comfort, style, and for staying put!  Let's face it, when it's going off we want to think about other things than where our suit might end up after a wipeout.                                        

xo. Jenny







Why 'Tula' - 

Tula means balance in Sanskrit and balance is what our brand is all about. Whether it's balancing your work and play (we like the play!), or balancing on your board or yoga practice, when you're in balance you can take what life throws at you.

Our logo was inspired by Yin/Yang—the ultimate symbol of balance. We incorporated the waves of the ocean and if you use your imagination and tilt your head just so there's a kiter—can you see it?