A responsible brand

Nile River in Uganda, what used to be a class 5 rapid is now a lake due to a dam. More dams that will displace local people and wildlife are plannedI wanted the brand to reflect what's important to me and go beyond style and function and also focus on quality to be a brand you can trust. We use the highest quality fabrics and ethical manufacturing all the way down to sustainable packaging and labels. Water is our passion and we want to protect and preserve it while we strive to bring quality and reliability to our brand. We are proud to be using Lycra that is made from ghosted fishing nets and other post consumable products. Our material is high quality Xtra-life Italian Lycra that offers UV protection, resistance to chlorine and sunscreen oils, read more about our Lycra.

Our packaging materials are biodegrable or made from 100% recycled materials. We also use local and sustainable manufacturing and printing creates jobs in our community and supports local creative talent in the fashion industry. We have a portion of our profits that are donated to nonprofits that work in line with our passions of protecting our environment and vulnerable species.


Dedicated to the environment

California State Park - ManresaWater is our playground and we want to help protect our oceans, lakes, and rivers and all they give life to. We donate a portion of profits to nonprofits working to protect our oceans and waterways. Read more about the work of each of the amazing organizations!

Surfrider Foundation - Santa Cruz - Our local Surfrider chapter made up of dedicated volunteers working to protect our local surf spots and beaches for ocean lovers to enjoy. Surfrider samples over 25 sites testing for water quality for safe swimming. Come join us for one of our monthly beach clean ups!

Bye Bye Plastic Bags - A Balinese nonprofit organization started by two young sisters to ban to the use of pervasive plastic bags in Bali. This beautiful small island is a water playground, but a bummer when you're paddling through trash. I remember after a water start on my kiteboard I literally had to peel trash off of me. Hopefully, the ban of plastic bags will be a start to a cleaner island with other islands following the campaign.

American Rivers - Let's face it, rivers are a great way to play in the water whether it be class 5 rapids, a mellow floating day or some cliff jumping, but dams threaten the natural watersheds. American Rivers is working to remove dams across the country and standing up for various river restoration projects - here's to solar power!